Crossing Points

Crossing Points: Kathleen MacInnes and

Fiona Hunter


CrossingPoints_KathandFionaCrossing Points brings together two of Scotland’s leading traditional singers to explore common ground and find a meeting place between the Scots and Gaelic traditions. This project sees them develop a set of new material which blends songs from both traditions in new and inventive ways.

“It was those two voices working in tandem … that served notice that they already have something special going on… a quality of vocal sound that made it exciting just to be in the same room.” Rob Adams, The Herald.

“inspired collaboration” **** Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman.

You can read the reviews of the pilot concert, which took place as part of TradFest Edinburgh · Dùn Èideann 2014, here. There are now plans afoot to record and develop further performances and material. The development stage of this project was supported by Creative Scotland’s Quality Arts Production fund.

Read Fiona Hunter’s Herald interview here.


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